Florist Directory SA Logo

Florist Directory SA – Logo

Client: Florist Directory SA

Project: Design logo & Brand

Skills Required: Photoshop, Illustrator

Year: 2012

Project URL:

Florist Directory SA is a premium directory of florists in South Africa. The website is specifically geared towards the rapidly growing mobile market, and aims to provide florists who don’t have a mobile optimized website or a website at all, access to this expanding online market.

We needed to design a logo and develop a brand that would be well suited to the flower industry and that would work well on the mobile site.

We designed a logo that not only conveyed the friendly and casual feel of the brand, but also had a touch of class at the same time.

We did this by incorporating bright colours into the colour pallet, combining formal fonts with casual fonts, and adding a touch of shading to give the logo depth.

To tie the logo in with the theme of flowers and florists, we added an abstract flower into the logo.

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