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PineappleFit: Flash

Client: PineappleFit

Project: Design & Develop a Competition Website

Skills Required: Flash, Fullscreen, HD, AS2, ASP, Contact Form, Photoshop

Year: 2011

Project URL: www.pineapplefit.com

Project Details

Project Brief

PineappleFit is a new brand of core strength training techniques and equipment in the USA. Our California based client wanted a website to host an online competition they were running.

The website needed to reflect the energy, passion and enthusiasm of the brand, and convey the action of the extreme sports the company caters to.

What We Did

Our natural choice for this website at the time was to build a full flash website in HD, with fullscreen functionality.

To convey the action and excitement, we made the high definition extreme sport images span the full width and height of an HD screen, with the content of the website in the foreground.

To ensure the website displays correctly on smaller screen sizes, we built the site so that it gracefully scales down to fit any screen size. The individual elements on the page scale and move independently to ensure a fluid layout.

Since this was for a competition, we integrated an entry form and a few info boxes that load over the images. We also integrated social media to aid sharing and help them grow their following.

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