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Desroches Island: Flash

Client: Desroches Island Seychelles

Project: Full Flash Website with Interactive Island Tour

Skills Required: Flash Animation, Custom Blog, AS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Response Forms, Photoshop

Year: 2008

Project URL: www.desroches-island.com

Project Details

Project Brief

Desroches Island is a beautiful private Island in the Seychelles. The primary purpose of the website would be to showcase the beauty of the island in the most sophisticated way possible, and to market the 5-star hotel they’d built on the island. Additionally, they were selling villa ownership on the island, so this also needed to be integrated into the website.

A reservation form would be required and the site needed to be integrated with their live booking system for the hotel part of the island, while the ownership site, needed an enquiry form.

What We Did

We knew that to get people to book a holiday to this luxurious island destination, we needed to make extensive use of their stunning images. To achieve this, we chose to build the site entirely in flash at the time, which enabled us to create a stylish intro that would set the tone, and a unique interactive tour which enabled the user to navigate the entire island and the various properties on their screen.

Since we had to integrate both the hotel side of the island and the villa ownership into one site, we decided to structure the website so that after the intro, the user lands on a landing page with general information about the island. Then the user has the option to choose between “Island Accommodation” or “Property Sales”, and this would take them to an entirely unique menu structure, each with a home button to get back to the landing page.

We created two unique Island tours, which serve as the entry point and alternative navigation for each sub site.

Interactive Island Tour

Our custom built interactive island tours became the focal point of each of the websites. The user has the option to zoom in on an aerial view of the island, which displays the various properties available and highlights the features of the island. We made extensive use of sophisticated animation to further distinguish the website. The user can then click on a villa or the hotel, which leads them to the respective accommodation pages.

To further enhance the effect of the stunning images, we built the website to perfectly fit the height of an HD screen, and thus maximized the size of the images. To accommodate smaller screens, the website scales down to fit any screen size. We also built it in a way that ensures the user only ever waits for the first image to load, which kept the website fast, despite the use of large images. Then we included a fullscreen function so users on smaller screens could also enjoy the full effect of the large images.

For the Getting There page, we built another interactive map, and added an animated aeroplane that flies the route to the island to add an element of fun to the site.

To compensate for the poor performance of flash with the search engines and to improve their SEO, we built them a custom blog. This enabled them to build unique content and engage with their guests, and to post interesting story and photos about the day to day happenings on the island.

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